Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Customers are able to access their safety deposit boxes at anytime during business hours - appointments are preferred. We are open Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Fortis Vaults do not have a spare key for your safety deposit box. Once you are registered as a customer, you will be provided with two keys to access your safety deposit box. When accessing your safety deposit box, you will be accompanied by Fortis Vaults staff with a guard key.

No. Each of our safety deposit boxes are issued with two identical and individually registered keys which cannot be duplicated. Fortis Vaults has no access to your safety deposit box or bullion locker, guaranteeing complete privacy and maximum security. Customers receive both keys.

Access will only be granted to a government agency if a warrant is issued by an Australian Court. Customers will be present when this occurs.

Yes, a $220 key deposit is required when registering. This deposit is refunded when the keys are returned in good condition at the end of our agreement.

If you lose your safety deposit box keys, Fortis Vaults will arrange an appointment with our locksmith. Your safety deposit box will be drilled in your presence only. There will be an additional service charge for this process.

We have a multi layered approach to security including seismic sensors, time locks, 24/7 CCTV and monitoring, biometrics and the highest rated vault the Australian market has ever seen.

Our safety deposit boxes are designed to store anything of importance to you. This can include passports, documents, bullion, jewellery, photos or anything else of value. You cannot store perishables, firearms, liquids or drugs.

No, it is our policy staff are not permitted to know the contents of your holdings, however you cannot store perishables, firearms, liquids or drugs.

Yes, all safety deposit boxes come with $10,000 worth of complimentary insurance with the ability to increase this amount as required.

Yes, we are able to provide an itemised statement of your holdings and can be arranged via appointment. We have industry professionals that can conduct the required audits for a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF). This is an additional service.

Fortis Vaults recommend that a next of kin is nominated or state in your will for the items in your safety deposit box to be collected in the event of your death. A death certificate will need to be produced and shown in order for your nominated person to be granted access.



Per Month
  • 6.4cm x 11.7cm x 53cm
  • Ideal for storing jewellery, hard drives
  • Up to 10 kilograms of gold or silver bullion


Per Month
  • 6.4cm x 24.5cm x 53cm
  • Perfect for confidential, DL-size documents
  • Cash
  • Currency
  • Jewellery
  • Up to 20 kilograms of gold or silver bullion


Per Month
  • 24cm x 24.5cm x 53cm
  • Up to 50 kilograms of gold or silver bullion
  • Ideal for storing large valuables
  • A4 documents
  • Jewellery


Per Month
  • 50cm x 24.9cm x 50.8cm
  • Up to 250 kilograms of gold or silver bullion
  • Ideal for storing large items
  • Heavy Valuables
  • Jewellery
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